Solutions That Bring Vision
To Business Development

We have completed numerous large projects with the expertise of our affiliate BİG that helps us to transform all our business development processes effectively from market analysis to marketing strategy.

  • Business development,
  • Consultancy,
  • Project planning,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Communication with supplier firms

and many other fields.

Our Solution Partner Big

BİG established by Helis Group to offer international-level solutions in business development and project planning areas manage three important stages in the projects of the companies: Project assessment, realization and success. The company optimizes the business processes with a comprehensive approach including all the departments of the businesses and professional service approach for these processes which needs to be carried out with great detail.

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We develop the most effective solutions to reach our targets with our strong solution partners and we carry our business to the future while realizing our solutions.

Leading to Success
The Stairs Builds.

R&D that manages critical processes such as setting targets, planning activities and coordination with professional management approach and according to global finance values, works to accelerate the company stats.

End-to-End Business Solutions with R&D

Correct management of time, cost and human resources is the most important factor for large and successful companies. With our solution partner that offers support in various topics such as resource assessment, project management, business process monitoring, analysis and solution development, we take stronger steps to complete larger projects.

Our Solution Partner BCWorks

We create strong and functional marketing environment for our group with our solution partner BCWorks that find creative ideas with multidisciplinary approach.

BCWorks undertakes the promotion and marketing processes of Helis Group projects in addition to other strong brands and makes the power of development and creativity sustainable by saying “always more” while finding solutions by assessing the needs with analytical data.

BCWork that builds real success stories for brands by creating the right strategies based on the dynamics of the information age and today’s world uses the power of technology and meaningful data in the most effective way which makes it more than just an ordinary ad agency with its talent and work ethic to be the voice of the brands.

  • Brand Identity,
  • Communication Strategy,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Production,
  • Blog and Content Creation,
  • Social Media,
  • SEO

and many more and designs the future with the passion to create brands that form strong communication with the societies and touches the lives of individuals.

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From Meaningful Data to Strong Projects

The big projects of the future are not just supported with creative ideas but also with the power of rational data obtained from campaign and development processes with BCWorks.