We built tomorrow with what we accomplish today.

The key for life is bringing together sustainability focused businesses models and projects.

These projects which we have created for the future are the building block of our purpose to build a stronger future with solutions that answer the problems of tomorrow starting from today.

With the awareness that each work discipline we undertake will impact the world and the future, we create comprehensive values to include all our local and global efforts.

Sustainable Future

Our innovation efforts always helps us to benefit to the communities and the world as a brand that creates multidisciplinary solutions in our country and around the world.

One of the key areas that we see a sustainable growth potential is technology. We invest in sustainable technologies and applications not only to help protecting the environment, but also create development opportunities for the region and world.

We believe that technology must be integrated in all aspects of sustainability including product design, development, supply chain management and marketing.

Qualified Individuals

We are proud to gather the best and most promising talents to achieve extraordinary results for our community and all our activity sectors. As the leading firm in business development area, we offer maximum support for the development,
future and satisfaction of every employees.

Sustainable Economy

Economic development, protecting the natural resources, meeting the needs of individuals and future generations. All of these reshape our sustainability approach and guide us to create new values for economic development.

At Helis, we know the importance of sustainable economy and we contribute to the economic growth of all activity regions with each of our projects and our business partners.

We prioritize protection of natural resources and sustainability in all our activities from raw material supply to manufacturing processes.

Renewable Energy

We protect the heritage of the future generations with the awareness of our responsibility.

As our energy need increased every day, we know the importance of renewable energy resources for a sustainable future with the awareness of limited resources and we implement renewable energy resources in all our business models.

Every day, we reach to better in our applications in our activity areas such as manufacturing, technology and investment to realize our responsibility towards the world.

Sustainable Transformation

We have always taken sustainability to our center, and as an environmentally sensitive brand from the first day, we have carried out all our work from raw material supply to production processes with the awareness of recycling. Now, we continue to create value for life and support sustainable transformation with different business models and projects in 30 different countries.