It is highly important for us for the employees to use their potential at the top level, improve themselves, work commitment, motivation, ability to comply with team and be satisfied with their workplace. The career opportunities in Helis Group will enable you to take parts in different positions, work with interdisciplinary approach and develop your career in your own direction.

Our Human Resources Mission

Talent management

Talent management includes the strategies to find, hire, develop and sustain talented employees. We carefully manage hiring, training, career planning and performance management processes by focusing on talent management.

Equality of Opportunities

We adopt fair and equal approach during employment process. In this process, we choose employees based on qualifications, experience, references and adaptability to work culture without gender, age, ethnic root and sexual orientation differences. Additionally, we believe in the power of differences and we gain new perspectives by bringing different talents together.

Education and Development

We offer training and self-development opportunities for employees to improve their skills and talents. Thus, we help employees to plan their career and be more effective for the needs of the company. This mission also reflects our human-oriented approach.
Helis Group adopts interdisciplinary work approach in all departments and we implemente a talent and competency-based selection and placement system depending on the job requirements when we choose the individuals who will join our companies.