Craftsmanship, Creativity and

We have the years of experience and qualifications to meet the expectations to organize the areas with continuous life flow such as private living spaces, offices, restaurants or hotels. We always prioritize quality and functionality and we help you to find the right solution for panel and furniture to meet your special needs and guarantee long-term success.

Technical Vision

We know that interior design isn’t possible without knowing the stories inside the buildings. Therefore, we avoid template solutions and approach to every project with a creative perspective.

We choose the correct colours and materials to ensure textual and visual harmony in the spaces to implement our project and we provide the furniture selection and manufacturing according to general outline and experience from our solution partners.

Our Solution Partner

We undertake strategic collaboration with various domestic partners to realize our projects and we benefit from the work ecosystem of Helis to develop the standards and functionality. We receive service from our solution partner Quaz Concept that is experienced in traditional wood processing techniques and can successfully apply modern furniture manufacturing technology to different panel materials.

Multiple or single furniture manufacturing can be manufactured with high-quality in 10.000 m2 facility of Quaz Concept with high manufacturing capacity and we can meet the supply needs in a short time.

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