The first milestone of the Helis Group is Projebeyaz, established by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Murat Uzun, in partnership with the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tolga Han. Projebeyaz that completely transformed the traditional real estate consultancy in Turkey and turned all negative events into positive ones with new products and services managed to be known as a “real estate company that adds colour to the sector” by offering services in concept consultancy, marketing, sales and renting and after sales facility management.
Murat Uzun and Tolga Han who decided to make their own projects against non-innovative and ordinary approach they have seen in the construction sector following their success in the real estate, established Helis in 2009 by targeting to create added value projects in İstanbul.
Helis that started to work by conducting detailed analysis based on mathematical calculations instead of pure contractor approach realized commercial projects at the beginning. Other than the structural quality and functionality of the projects, the firm continued to grow in the sector by earning the trust of investors as the project regions gained value over time and the m2 prices increased. In the same year, the first office project Helis White Office was completed.
Helis Yapı expand abroad by participating to Construction and Structure Fair organized in 2011 in Erbil, Iraq. Helis that managed to attract the attention of the foreign investors with its success in Turkey expanded its activity areas by going beyond the Turkish borders and offered sales and project development solutions in around 30 countries. The solution partnership with BCWorks Ad Agency started on the same year for the marketing activities.
Helis White Office which was the first office project of Helis was completed and the turnkey project was delivered.
Projebeyaz undertakes the sales and marketing of Helis Yapı in addition to other projects that it offers real estate service and consultancy and became a member of GYODER and FIABCI due to its success in the international arena. Helis started its second project Helis Metro Office after the first office project.
Helis that gained an international experience by participating to numerous domestic and international fields became an important real estate and construction company in Turkey.
Helis Metro Office which was the second office project of Helis was completed and the turnkey project was delivered.
Helis Yap that added a new one to the projects in İstanbul by sustaining its success in the sector with customer satisfaction managed to sell 85% of the new generation complex project Helis More Residence that started in 2016 consisting of 305 independent units with the marketing strategy implemented by BCWorks and Projebeyaz.
Helis started Helis Metro Home project on Bağdat Street which is one of the best districts in İstanbul as urban transformation project.
Helis completed Helis Metro Home project and provided turnkey delivery to the home owners sooner than the estimated delivery time.
Helis that highlights customer satisfaction in its projects made a solution partner agreement with Quaz Concept to manufacture all fixed furniture in the construction projects within a certain concept. Helis that gained a huge success in a short time with furniture manufacturing for its own process started to offer services for other domestic and international projects. Life in Helis More Residence which is the first mixed project of Helis.
After completing 5 projects in İstanbul from construction to marketing, Helis started its first project in Bodrum, which is the most favourite holiday region in Turkey and started The House Residence Helis Bodrum project on 72.000 m2 with new generation summer house concept by taking royalty of world-famous The House brand.
Helis completed its second project in Bodrum which was Helis Lake Houses and started to offer services in technology field. First, the firm made a solution partner agreement with Technopack Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. for technology infrastructure service in its projects. Helis group took the first steps in the tourism sector, added Helis Hospitality company among its affiliates and started its first hotel project with Helis Suites Bitez.
Helis started its third villa project in Bodrum with Helis Serina and at the same time, opened Helis Suites Bitez on July to welcome its first guests. Helis completed the Helis Lake Houses projects and started turnkey delivery. Helis Group added new projects in İstanbul in addition to on-going projects in Bodrum and added Hadron İnşaat among its affiliates for the construction jobs. Helis Group also established BİG in business development field and expanded its service areas.
Bodrum’da dördüncü villa projesine başlayan Helis Topluluğu, dünyaca ünlü İtalyan markası Gianfranco Ferré ile anlaşarak Türkiye’deki isim ve projelendirme haklarına sahip oldu. Aynı zamanda İstanbul’da Helis Natura ve Helis Foresta ile iki projeye daha start verdi.