We Carry Our Sector Experience to Digital

We bring today’s labour with tomorrow’s technology and turn our IT processes into faster and more sustainable form. We contribute to innovation with software we develop for the Helis Group to meet the specific needs.


This application that brings the amendments Helis residents can benefit together at any time of the day offers novel innovations to all guests and home-owners.

The application is integrated to all projects under Helis and combines unlimited opportunities such as accommodation, transfer, restaurants and activities with Helis quality.

Our Solution Partner

Technopack that can identify and scale the technical requirements of our group and offer affordable network solutions as the technological solution partner of our group, considers the IT processes comprehensively and supports all our investments for sustainable projects.

  • Network Security
  • Network Solutions
  • Low Current Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Technological Consultancy
  • Software Solutions

end-to-end solutions also undertake our technology R&D activities. Our solution partner offers end-to-end solutions in various fields such as network, digital infrastructure, cloud system, network security and management activities with its expert team and innovative structure. Technopack undertakes its efforts by considering resource and energy saving and expands its services by completing numerous projects with strong and sustainable growth in the sector.

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